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Cabico and Cho Show by Regie Cabico and Aileen Cho

Monk by Laurence Holder

The Revival – Church of the Living Womb by Liza Jessie Peterson and Tish Benson

Louise Escapes Her Life by Jane Lippman

Urban Creed by Mayda del Valle

Just Me by Helena D. Lewis

The Priestess and The Patriot by Liza Jessie Peterson



Alphaphobia by Jessica Care Moore

At A Time Like This by Herb Donaldson

Blue Candy in the Twilight of Alchemy by Carl Hancock Rux

Culture Bandit by Vanessa Hidary

Destiny Manifested by James Gillard (Best Audience Award)

I Didn´t Cry by Sergia Perez

In the Last Car by Craig MuMs Grant

Other Aspects by Reg E. Gaines (Best Play Award)

Sadico by Aileen Reyes

The Peculiar Patriot by Lisa Jessie Peterson

Untitled and Unfinished by Yolanda Wilkinson


6 Hits by Claudia Alick (Best Audience Award)

A Glass of Water by Bob Ost

A Latina Prepares by Desi Moreno-Penson (Best Short Award)

Hypno Astro n Matter by Kin Tommy Chan

Los Duendes by Mario Bosquez

Orenthal by Maarten van Hinte

Skinimin 12 by Jennifer Cendana Armas

Straight Out by Regio Cabico

The Northern Kingdom by Nancy Fales Garrett (Best Play Award)

Torched by Jeffrey Colt

Urban Creed by Mayda del Valle (Best Audience Award)

Working Things Out by Mwalim



3 To A Session: A Monster's Tale by Desi Moreno-Penson (Best Play Award)

Pendemonium by James Gillard

B4T: before testosterone by Imani Henry

Come Back to Me by Jesse Cameron Alick

Cross Lines: A Black Woman's Perspective by Ebony Washington and Patricia Belizario

Diary of a Baby Diva by Holly Bass

Inside Cherry Pitz by Cyndi Freeman

Stockholm, Brooklyn by Desmond Hall (Best Audience Award)

The Bronx Witch Project by Alba Sanchez

The Dakota by William Fowkes (Best Short Award)

Tours of Duty by Mel Nieves (Best Short Award)


The Brighter Burn by Herb Donaldson

Black At Michigan by Dominique Morisseau

Call Me Crazy by Helena D. Lewis (Best Short Award)

When Santo Domingo Isn't Enough by Melissa Fendell (Best Play Award)

Georgia by Gian DiDonna

Speak Your Mind by Michael R. Ramirez

Touch by Francisco Roque

Trans Plantations by Janis Astor del Valle

Freedom by Emma Terese

Karen and Tomas I Touch Myself by Mel Nieves

Hearts and Minds by Joel Johnson (Best Audience Award)



Lessons on the A Train (new work developed by Downtown Urban Arts Festival and presented in NYC area high schools)



Osage Avenue by Jamal Williams

The Mummy and The Bodhisattva by Jai Chun and Mike Cipra

Missa Solemnis or The Play About Henry by Roman Feeser

On the Rocks by Dina Laura and Mina Radhakrishnan (Best Audience Award)

Honor and Fidelity by Tanya Perez

Ballad Of Sad Young Men by Jerome Augustus Parker

Couple Of The Century by William Fowkes

W.A.C. Iraq by Mel Nieves

This Train Is Bound For Glory by Patricia Ione Lloyd (Best Play Award)

Manchild Machismo by A.B. Lugo

El Building by Jane Lippman (Best Short Award)

Billie's Blues by Hershell Norwood



Life Could be Un Sueño by Lina Sarrello

Man Up by Carlos Andrés Gómez (Best Short Award)

A Boy Called Noise by Julia Steele Allen (Best Short Award)

Alternate Side Street Parking by Dina Laura

The King's Mistress by Patricia Ione Lloyd

Solo Man Watusi by Mel Nieves

Where My Girls At? by Micia Mosely

America by Kim Yaged (Best Audience Award)

T. A.B. by Susan H. Pak

Right To Return by Pamela Sneed

VI Degrees by Kash Goins (Best Play Award)

Representa! by Paul S. Flores and Julio Cardenas



Promise Tomorrow Today by Lawrence Dial (Best Play Award)

Museum Piece by William Fowkes

Making Moves by Dina Laura

Piñero Resurrected by Michele Cuomo and Ian Gonzalez Phillips

Confessions of a Homo Thug Porn Star by James Earl Hardy (Best Short Award)

VII Deadly Sins by Kash Goins (Best Audience Award)

The Choice by Riccardo Costa

After-Loss by Mel Nieves

Waiting For The D by Lina Sarrello

Glass by Imran Javaid

Chakalaka by Cesi Davidson

Breathless by Stacey Osei-Kuffour



Steps by Brinae Ali (Best Audience Award)

And Then It Rained by Kerri-Ann McCalla (Best Audience Award)

Stretch Marks by Angela Kariotis

Crush by Dominic Colon

Indiosyncrasy by Indio Melendez (Best Play Award)

The XX Chromosome Genome Project by S. Ann Johnson (Best Audience Award)

Counselor by Stephen Cedars

Lost and Found by Marsha Sheiness

Resurrection by Subrina Moorley

I Scream Out Loud by Andre’ Jermaine Ford

Gentrified Minds (The NY Horror Vol. 2) by The Nomad Junkie

Gloves for Guns by David Lawson


Special Award: Nilo Cruz (Playwright Master Award)



Asylum by Cheril N. Clarke (Best Audience Award)

Death Boogie by Darian Dauchan

Flozetta by Nadine Graham

Kings by Anna Governali

Sammy Gets Mugged! by Dan Heching

Secrets; Love by Summer Dawn Hortillosa

Ser: L.A. vs. B.A. by Karen Anzoategui

Sh*thole by Camilo Almonacid

Undertow by Mel Nieves

Co-op by Barbara Kahn (Best Short Award)

Jane Takes It In by Susannah Nolan

Reservations For 4 by Sam Sommer

Standing At … by Chandra Thomas

Suicide Notes by Adam Esquenazi Douglas

Kingdom Come by Matthew Osceola Webster (Best Play Award)


Special Award: Adrienne Kennedy (Playwright Master Award)



3 the Hard Way by Chima Chikazunga

B-Boy Blues by James Earl Hardy (Best Audience Award)

Buttaflysoul for President by Leslie Buttaflysoul Taylor

Chosen by D. L. Siegel

El Gringuito by Eric-Dominique Perez

Gravy by Dana Tarantino

Help Wanted by Anselmo Coy Martinez

Ni****/Fa**** by Keelay Gipson

Novaya Zemlya by Mila Golubov (Best Play Award)

Pornography for the People by Ming Peiffer

Prison Song by Nelson Diaz-Marcano

Rude by Ismail Azeem

The Bridge by Kate McCamy (Best Short Award)

The Last Day of Oscar Wilde’s Life by Adam Esquenazi Douglas

The Rules of the World by Lavinia Roberts

True Asian Hottie by Jo Shui



Blank Canvas by Christina Quintana (Best Short Award)

Brooklyn Quartet by Rock Wilk

Caylee’s First Big Show!!!! by Roxie Perkins

Clippings by Royal Shiree

Deceiving - truth has the structure of fiction by Fabio Costaprado

Five-Sided Triangle by Gina Femia

Forever 27 by Adam Esquenazi Douglas

Formosa by Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai

Gee, Thanks by Irene Hernandez

Grandma Kim vs. America by Jiyoung Kim and Claire Tran

Hoops by Gustav Gauntlett (Best Play Award)

The Dark Nights of Lady Day by Andrina Smith

The Messiah Complex by Nia Witherspoon (Best Audience Award)

Toadstool Tea by Jamal Williams

Toy Soldierz by Javier Reyes

Two of Us by Paul Cosma Cimpoieru and Ana Pepine

Women at the Well by Martyna Majok



Bed Bugs and Hot Pockets by Shonali Bhowmik (Best Audience Award)

Between a Hot Dog and a Hard Place by Mel Nieves (Best Short Award)

Black Sheep by Darian Dauchan

Blackout03 by Kate Bell (Best Audience Award)

Changing Tables by Kacie Devaney

Distortive Ascent by Nikolai Mishler

For the Flies by Camilo Almonacid

Good Morning for Coffee by Daphy Maman and Sujin Kim

Hypocrites & Strippers by Kim Yaged

La Bestia: Sweet Mother by Tom Block

Outside the Box by Irene Hernandez

Run, Hide. Be Quiet. by Shyla Idris

Say Something by Dominique Miller

Shenanigans by Helena D. Lewis

Spades by J. E. Robinson

Stigma by Keelay Gipson

Supermen by Adam Esquenazi Douglas (Best Play Award)


Special Award: Danny Hoch (Playwright Master Award)



Adult Rappers written and directed by Paul Iannacchino, Jr.

Lana directed and written by Berman Fenelus

Little Talks directed and written by Yassen Genadiev

Hibernation directed by Jon Mikel Caballero (Best Mini Short Award)

Mousse directed and written by John Olof Hellberg (Best Film Award)

Nocturne directed and written by Gerdi Petanaj

Bullified written by Lee Kolinsky and directed by Steve Sage Goldberg

La Comida written and directed by Edward Pomerantz

Mona directed and written by Alexis Barbosa

Two written by Kari Morris and directed by Ryan Gielen


Canned Laughter by Dean Preston

Cost of Exposure by Mel Nieves

Dine & Dash by Anghus Houvouras

Ferry Limbo by Chip Bolcik

Flip-in by John Foster

Homo Americanus by Paul Cosma Cimpoieru

In the Library by Clyve Lagerquist

Love, Locs & Liberation by Ella Turenne

One Size Fits All by Irene Hernandez

Radical by Nelson Diaz-Marcano (Best Play Award)

Rags To Bitches by Tommy Jamerson (Best Short Award)

Recess by Una Aya Osato

Stop and Frisk by Matthew Widman

Strange Fruit Redux by Afrika Brown

The Bronx Queen by Joe Gulla (Best Audience Award)

trash by Alyssa Krompier and Justice Hehir

Twist & A Bridge by Jennifer Cendana Armas

When the Bell Rings You Shut the F*ck Up by Jim Bulluck



Didn't I Ask for Tea? written and directed by Rahwa Asmerom and Essence Ward

Ask Alice written by Wendy Sax and directed by Nina Gielen

From a Cellphone written by Juy Vazquez and Silvina Rodriguez and directed by Juy Vazquez

A Muse of Ire written by Liviu Ungar and Paul Cosma and directed by Vas Troian

Take It Back written by Phil LoCastro and Rocco Gioia and directed by Aram “Spike” Bauman

Emma written by Rod G. Bogart and directed by Howard Lukk

About the Man and the Fish written and directed by Sergiu Semenescu

Ekaj by Cati Gonzalez (Best Film Award)

Break written and directed by Nicholas Payne Santos


MUSIC - Corey Glover and Friends


POETRY - Words Matter Poetry Slam hosted by Helena D. Lewis



The Book of Leonidas by Augusto Federico Amador (Best Play Award)

Crooked Parts by Azure D. Osborne-Lee

dear dashboard by Justice Hehir

Don't Take Me Alive! By Alano Baez

Educated and Still Trapped by Cyd Charisse Fulton

Eternal Flamer! The Ballad of Jessie Blade by Tommy Jamerson

Father God Mother Death by Mario Golden

The Field Trip by Chip Bolcik (Best Short Award)

Garbo by Joe Gulla (Best Audience Award)

Harold and Rodney Play Chess by Adam Seidel

Honor Among Thieves by Juan Ramirez, Jr.

Malaise by Marcus Scott

Members Only by D. L. Siegel

The Problem of Verisimilitude by Jeff Tabnick

Protest by Nako Adodoadji

Salt Kid Watches Brooklyn Burn by Kati Looney

Where Was I? by Karen Ludwig



An American Short Story written and directed by Antony Renault

Bardo directed by Scott Aharoni & Dennis Latos

Dreams directed by Brian Freeman, Charles Watts, André Correa

Excess Baggage written and directed by Mariachiara Manci

My Story written and directed by Juan Pablo Urbina-Rodríguez

Normal written and directed by Vadim Lasca (Best Short International)

Now What? directed by Anna Jones

Piece of Cake directed by Ella Lentini

Spoilers written, directed and edited by Brendon McDonall (Vanguard Award)

A State of Emergency directed by Tarek Roehlinger (Best Short)

Superimpose directed by Daniel Kaufman (Best Short Documentary)

Teapot directed by Alexander Gruszynski

Toyed written and directed by Jokes Yanes

Up Next directed by Domenic Yovina

We All Want To Fly written and directed by Shal Ngo

Woman Versus directed by Justina Grayman


MUSIC - Lisa Lisa


POETRY - Words Matter Poetry Slam hosted by Jaime Lee Lewis


A Civilized World by Anghus Houvouras

American Tranquility by Daniel Damiano

Atacama by Augusto Federico Amador

Blood Orange by Marcus Scott

Corporatesthenics by Baindu Dafina Kalokoh

The Diplomats by Nelson Diaz-Marcano

The Fan by Adam Seidel

Gay.Porn.Mafia by Joe Gulla (Best Audience Award)

Help Me Get Over You by Rollin Jewett

Mirrors by Azure D. Osborne-Lee (Best Play Award)

Sailing Stones by Juan Ramirez, Jr.

Strings by Charles Curtis

The Strong Man by J. E. Robinson

Sublet by Alisa Zhulina

Trash Talk by Alano P. Baez (Best Short Award)

The Vast Mystery Of Who You Are by Kim Yaged


9.58 directed by Louis Aubert

ALMOST SAW THE SUNSHINE directed by Leon Lopez

AND STILL WE LOVE directed by Erika Santosuoss

AYSHA directed by Fon Cortizo (Best Short Documentary)

ASYLUM PARK directed by Shanu Sharma

BOB, JR. directed by Dilek Ince

THE BRACKET THEORY directed by Katia Koziara

BROTHERS directed by Troy Elliott (Best Short U.S.)

ELENA directed by Ayerim Villanueva

FREMONT directed by Ryo Jepson

IN PRIVATE directed by Clem McIntosh

MECHANISM OR: HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF directed by Michael Chlebusch

THE REHEARSAL directed by Léa Frédeval (Best Short and Best Short International)

THE SECOND PROVINCE directed by Zorinah Juan

SOÑADORA directed by Maria Altamirano

SONGS OF WILD ANIMALS directed by Mara Weber

SPIN directed by Leticia Belliccini

THE SUITCASE directed by Philip Leung (Vanguard Award)

THREE TIME WALTZ directed by Caroline Pascal

VAGABONDS directed by Magaajyia Silberfeld

THE VIRGIN AND THE PROSTITUTE directed by Maria Jose Noriega Pedroza

MUSIC - Wé McDonald


POETRY - Words Matter Poetry Slam hosted by Jaime Lee Lewis



BLACK & UGLY AS EVER by Porsha Olayiwola

BUZZKILL by Rollin Jewett


FLINTED  by Emma McFarland

GAMBLED EGGS by Victoria Moy

GROWL by J. Lois Diamond

IN THE NAME OF US by Ruoxin Xu (Best Short Award)


LOVE/FANTASY by Tommy Jamerson (Audience Award)

PAPER TOWELS by Nelson Diaz-Marcano

RAGHEAD by Tom Coash

RIDIN' SHOTGUN  by Juan Ramirez, Jr. (Best Play Award)

SOMETHING TRUE by David Beardsley

STORY AND HER by Josh Drimmer

THE DELAY by Ledia Xhoga

THE QUIET ZONE by Augusto Federico Amador

VEILS by Steven A. Bulter, Jr.

Playwright-In-Residence - Helena D. Lewis (Shenanigans)


A FRIEND IN ME by Gianluca Manzetti (Vanguard Award)

CATALINA by Paola Ossa (Best U. S. Short)

CHAMELEON by Alessio Marzilli

CMD + CTRL by Daniel Sharp

THE CONTRACT by Pablo Gómez Castro

FACE OFF by Nino Aldi

FENCED by Rodrigo Zan

FOR THE TIME BEING by Daniela Lucato (Best International Short)

FROM SCRATCH by Anthony Almonte

I AM, I AM by Sebastian Back

REQUIEM by Samuel Olivarez

THE ONE by Tony Batchler, Jr.

THIS IS THE PLACE by David Fu and Thomas Byrnes

UNDERGROUND by Jun Bae (Best Documentary Short)

UNDONE by Kleber Macedo

WATCH ME by Lesya Malskaya


MUSIC - CeCe Peniston


POETRY - Words Matter Poetry Slam hosted by Jaime Lee Lewis


A CRAIGSLIST PLAY by Ruben Carbajal

A KISS IS JUST A KISS by James Earl Hardy

BAGGAGE by Melissa Rose

CONCRETE ROSE by LaDarrion Williams

DOUBLE RAINBOW by Marcus Scott

FOR CHANCE by Chima Chikazunga

FRESNO by Augusto Federico Amador

GROCERY RUN by Brandice Peltier

I FEEL GOOD! by J. Lois Diamond


ONE ACT OF KINDNESS by Juan Ramirez, Jr.


SOUL SURVIVOR by Alano P. Baez

THE OTHER SIDE by Jason Tseng

THE PRIZE by Rollin Jewett


* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, live performances to be presented to the Signature Theatre were canceled.  Playwrights created video excerpts and readings of plays that were available online.


BREAKZ by Cris Eli Blak

CHOICE by Allison Whittenberg

FRESH KILLS by Sarah Congress

GANG SINES by Malique Guinn

JAILBIRD by Sheldon Shaw

LAS LOLITAS by Alano P Baez (Audience Award) 


SAY LESS by Juan Ramirez Jr.

SCARF DIARIES by Antionette Ellis- Williams (Best Play Award) 

SLAPPED by Mary E. Weems (Best Short Award) 

SUNDOWN TOWN by Marcus Scott


THE BIG DREAM by Rollin Jewett  

THE LOOM by Sheila Duane


20TH ANNIVERSARY by Marcus Harmon

A SHOT RANG OUT  by Michael Hagins

ADULTING by  Amira Mustapha 

FOR COLORED BOYZ by Bryan-Keyth Wilson (Audience Award) 

PHANTASMAGORIA  by Alethea Harnish

RUN  by Elle (Best Short Award)

SOCKY TELLS ALL by Rollin Jewett 

THE GOOD COP by Christin Eve Cato 

THE HARD KNOCK LIFE by Cris Eli Blak  

THE LOVE NOT TOGETHER by Jennifer Cendaña Armas

THE PALMIST by Sheila Duane 

THE PRIDE by Joy (Best Play Award)

Here Arts Center (2002, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Cherry Lane Theatre (2005, 2006, 2017)

Joe's Pub at The Public Theater (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Abrons Arts Center (2004, 2021)

Theatre Row (2022)

Theater for the New City (2010)

Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (2011)

Theatre 80 St. Marks (2018)

New York Live Arts (2018)

Wild Project (2019)

Nuyorican Poets Café (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Tribeca Film Center (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

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