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Downtown Urban Arts Festival (DUAF) is a five-week annual multi-disciplinary arts event with cultural offerings in theater, film, music and poetry held during the spring at renowned venues in downtown Manhattan, NYC. DUAF treats New Yorkers, East Coasters and tourists to the best of new groundbreaking theater and film from around the world. Storytellers from America’s burgeoning multicultural landscape and from around the world have the opportunity to share their stories that interpret our history and our times.

CREATIVE. VIBRANT. PASSIONATE. These words aptly describe the past performances, as well as the future direction, of DUAF. Its founding program is its Theater series, formerly know as Downtown Urban Theater Festival/DUTF, which was created in 2001 with the purpose to build a repertoire of new American theatre that echoes the true spirit of urban life and speaks to a whole new generation whose lives defy categorizing along conventional lines. That purpose has been realized many times over, as over 150 writers have created and refined their work for the stage and thousands of inspired audience members have applauded their performances. Theater was inaugurated in 2002 at the HERE Arts Center in SoHo to help revitalize the NYC downtown arts scene, which was experiencing a severe downturn due to the WTC disaster. Theater has been recognized as “one of the world’s best festivals for new works” and described as “not only prestigious, but a slice of heaven for playwrights who want the chance to freely express themselves.” (Lisa Mulcahy, Theater Festivals, Allworth Press, 2005)


261 plays produced

203 playwrights

51 films screened

19 years of theater

5 years of film


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Creative Ammo Inc. (CA) is a community development organization for artists focused on building stronger communities. Our mission is to (1) build a repertoire of new diverse American theater and independent cinematic art that echoes the true spirit of urban life, (2) create growth in the careers of new and emerging urban artists who speak to a new generation whose lives defy categorizing along conventional lines and (3) foster cultural participation in order to create a vibrant community and amplify the voice of underserved communities, targeting communities of color and multicultural, women and LGBTQ populations.


Founded in 1998, CA has created solid programs to strengthen our community, foster creativity and celebrate life through art. Our current programs include:

Downtown Urban Arts Festival - annual arts festival

DUAF Presents - off-Broadway production company

Words Matter Poetry - Poetry workshops at community centers

Lessons on the A Train - an in-school theater program


T. Marc Newell - Producer

Reg E. Gaines - Artistic Director, Theater

Desmond Hall - Film Committee Chair

DeVante Lewis - Coordinator

Bill Toles - Production Manager

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez - Graphic Design/Creative Director

Ron Lasko, SpinCycle - Publicity/Press Representative

Gaspar Marquez - Photographer

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